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AMD Zen 5 Architecture Design Expected to Be Available After 2021, or Using 5nm Process

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Although  AMD has announced the short-range processor architecture development  blueprint only to the Zen 3 design that is expected to be launched in  2020, and determined that it will be mass-produced in an optimized 7-nm  manufacturing process, AMD’s senior design engineer has recently  announced the YouTube video. Zen Chief Architect Mike Clark revealed that he has already started working on the Zen 5 architecture.

According  to previous market speculations, if the Zen+ architecture for the 12nm  process design announced this year is to be regarded as the second  generation product and considering the taboo of the Chinese market for  digital “4”, the Zen 4 architecture design may not be introduced. The Zen 5 architecture will be the fifth design of the Zen series  architecture and is expected to be produced in smaller process  technology (5nm?). The fastest launch time may be after 2021.

Prior  to this, AMD has announced plans to mass-produce Zen 2 architecture  processors with 7nm process technology and Zen 3 architecture processors  with optimized 7nm process technology, while the first Zen architecture  processors are based on 14nm process volume. The Zen+ architecture, which is expected to be announced in the near future, is mass-produced on 12nm process technology.

However, AMD did not reveal more details in the content of the film.

On  the video card side, AMD expects to introduce a Vega architecture  mobile discrete graphics card for pen-motor models in the first half of  this year. For Vega display architectures such as artificial  intelligence, deep learning, etc., it will be designed using 7nm process  technology. The  new Radeon Instinct MI25 accelerator card is also expected to create  Navi graphics cards in the 7nm process, as well as the next graphics  card product with a new architecture design optimized for 7nm process  technology.

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