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Researchers have created the coldest electronic chips in the world

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University of Basel professor Dominik Zumb HL and his colleagues successfully nano electronic chip cooling temperature to 2.8 milli Kelvin, which is about 273.15 degrees below zero centigrade. The researchers say: "magnetic cooling is based on the principle that when the external magnetic field gradually decreases, the system will gradually cool down, while avoiding any external heat flow. "Before the magnetic field is reduced, the heat produced by magnetization needs to be absorbed in other ways to obtain effective magnetic cooling. This is how we successfully cooled nanoscale chips to 2.8 milli degrees Celsius to achieve record breaking low temperatures. " Zumb HL and his colleagues will combine these two kinds of cooling system, the two kinds of cooling systems are based on magnetic cooling. They will all chip is electrically connected with the cooling to 150 degrees slightly (from absolute zero to 1/1000 degrees). Then they applied second cooling systems directly to the chip itself, and at the same time placed a Coulomb blocking thermometer. The structure and materials of the thermometer make it able to reduce to 2.8 milli degrees by magnetic cooling. Zumb Professor HL said: "we can combine the two cooling system, chip cooling to 3 degrees below (at about minus 273.15 degrees Celsius). We are optimistic that the same method can be used to reach 1 milli degrees. " The scientists said, "we can keep the chip for 7 hours of ultra-low temperature, which is pretty good. Scientists will have plenty of time to carry out a number of exploratory experiments, which will help to understand the physical properties near absolute zero. "

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