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MLCC Out of stock Supply Chain Preparation

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The supply of passive components is tight and prices have increased several times. It has also been reported that the supply chain may be in crisis due to shortage of materials. Confronted with a series of component price increases and exchange rate increases, there are still problems with out-of-stock components. Quanta (2382), Compal, Inventec, Wistron and Heshuo assembly plants, in addition to stocking in the off-season Redesigned the product to reduce the amount of spare parts; but Netcom factory is quite tight, the general manager ran to the supplier to get the goods.

In terms of shipments, Quanta stated that it is not because of the shortage of MLCCs that goods cannot be shipped. MLCC's production expansion is easy. In the first half of the year, it is an off-season. The demand is not very good and will not be affected. Compal, Inventec, Wistron are also normally available. He Shuo said that now the off-season will be prepared to supply tight parts first and ensure normal shipments in the second half of the year. This is also a normal procedure, mainly because the price of parts will increase, and the two years will be pre-stocked.

However, the lack of spare parts has seriously affected the shipping rate and revenue performance of China Netcom's orders, and Netcom’s factories have been rushing to pick up stocks. Shen Wen, chairman of the company, said that the first half of the year, should not affect the shipment, Cai Wenhe said that the MLCC (laminated ceramic capacitor) is expected to be out of stock will be relieved in the fourth quarter, so the strategy has been to increase inventory, stocking six months.

Including passive components such as MLCCs (Laminated Ceramic Capacitors) are the most basic components of all electronic products. However, passive components began to appear tight in supply since the beginning of last year, and prices have been rising. Recently, passive component suppliers have also asked customers to bid. Can get the goods.

To this end, Chen Ruicong, general manager of Compal said earlier that since many raw materials, including memory, MLCC, PCB, and even paper, have risen together and the cost pressure is high, EQ customers have understood that for the newly-developed products, customers are expected to share some of them. Price increase costs.

Quanta and Wistron stated that they are discussing with brand customers to change the design, hoping to reduce the use of related parts to reduce the impact. Wistron pointed out that through the product change design, the number of MLCCs used for some products can be reduced by one-third to one-half. Inventec also stated that it is reducing costs by finding alternative materials.

A Netcom factory said that in recent quarters, the shortage of parts and components has risen in price, and the relationship with suppliers has also been likened to three warmths. The initial shortage was to send suppliers to the office to pick up a stinky head and force priority suppliers. Afterwards, we were afraid that everyone would be out of stock. "Let yourself go to the supplier's office, please."

Netcom Factory said that a product has many components that are assembled together and are indispensable. The materials are all available. There is no single MLCC or memory, and the entire list cannot be shipped. When the parts are out of stock, they are even more upstream. Customers circle directly to the component suppliers to ensure that orders are available for delivery.

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