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NVIDIA's brilliant earnings report, TSMC, Gigabyte and other ethnic groups benefited.

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Nvidia announcement first quarter earnings, revenue 3 billion 210 million US $3 billion 210 million annual increase 65.6%, gross profit rate 64.5%, revenue and profit are better than expected, in addition to AI and competition maintenance upsurge, with a number of new games launched, GTX 1070 and GTX 1070 have a good performance, estimated 2018 performance is still sustainable 20% year growth.

In addition, the first quarter was pushed up by the demand for encrypted money, and its revenue reached US $290 million, accounting for 9%. But the data center product line revenue is 701 million yuan, the annual growth is 71%, slightly lower than the market 703 million yuan expectation, but looks forward to the cloud industry trend continues to flourish, the product has Tesla P100 and TeslaV100 acceleration GPU to get Microsoft, Amazon, FB and other American customers to adopt. It is expected that new targets will be sought, such as Tencent and Alibaba, which are expected to increase the consumption of AI applications.

In the second quarter, the estimated revenue was $3 billion 100 million, the gross profit rate was 63.3%, the operating cost was $810 million, the tax rate was 11%, and the EPS was between $1.91~1.95.

Li Mingjie, chief executive of Taiwan new investment technology industry, said that overall, the technology development of Nvidia in games, Data Center and self driving is still optimistic for a long time. At present, the DataCenter terminal has the Volta GPU accelerator and the NVIDIA Volta HGX architecture, which can build the AI system for the enterprise and the consumer data center. The size and efficiency of the future data center will continue to evolve, and it is expected to be able to meet the fast changing demand in the future. However, there is still a need to keep an eye on the impact of the decline in the GPU demand for encrypted money digging, whether the Nvidia game end demand is strong and whether the follow-up self driving process is expected.

The related platform shares, in the competition and game market, can return to normal supply and demand level. The long-term demand for Nvidia GPU is still strong. Therefore, Gigabyte and MSI are still expected to benefit in the second quarter revenue kinetic energy.

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