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Changchun enterprises release integrated circuit design tools to help "China core"

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China News Agency, Changchun, May 15 (Chai Jiaquan) Changchun Jiwan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. on the 15 day officially released the company's fully independent research and development of integrated circuit design tools - Jiwan processor aided design system. The software is said to be an electronic design automation (EDA) tool for processor developers and an essential tool for modern chip design.

EDA (Electronic Design Automation) is the most upstream segment of the integrated circuit industry chain. It is an indispensable tool and equipment in the design of integrated circuits. The EDA tool lets the designers get rid of the chart and the scale, so that the design of large-scale integrated circuits becomes possible.

CEO Huang Wei of Jiwan microelectronics company said that the design of the chip can not be separated from the use of the code of the CPU (central processor). In the past, most of the chips used in the Chinese market are the use of foreign code. "Our processor aided design system is developed for such a situation, which can greatly reduce the design threshold of chips."

According to the introduction, the Jiwan processor aided design system has made the processor design framework to allow the multiplayer team to work together in a project, and greatly simplifies the process of processor design, modification, and debugging.

"If you give a stone and ask you to carve a castle with it, it takes a very high skill, but if you give you a box of blocks to build it, the difficulty will be greatly reduced. Our design system is this box of blocks, which can provide a large number of tools, template support CPU code design." Huang Wei described it so vividly.

"Before designing a CPU, the time needed to build it from zero builds in years, and now we can calculate it in months." Huang Wei said that the modular design tool will better help "China core" to achieve independent research and development.

Ji Wan microelectronics company is an enterprise that develops and designs special processor for information processing in emerging fields such as cloud computing, Internet of things and big data. In 2015, the company produced the first self developed desktop cloud terminal CPU in China. (finish)

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