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High pass server chip leader departure: ARM difficult to challenge Intel x86 hegemony

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Last week, Bloomberg quoted an insider as saying that Qualcomm was prepared to abandon the development of data center oriented enterprise server chips.


The latest report from Axios says high pass server chip director Anand Chandrasekher has gone from the company, although Qualcomm has refused to comment, but the Anand's walk has virtually confirmed that Qualcomm's adjustment to the server business is not false.

At present, the flagship of the Qualcomm server chip is the Centriq 2400 family, which contains three models, the smallest 40 cores, and the largest 48 cores. Centriq 2400 based on Samsung 10nm technology, the use of ARM V8 architecture of the Falkor CPU core, the highest design for 60MB three, the flagship 2460 single price is $1995.
Gao Tong says that Centriq 2460 is higher than the Intel strong flagship platinum 8180 processor of the same era, and the price is only 1/5.


Although at the beginning of the release of the major platform, such as Ali, Keng, Ann Mai, and other giant platform, can "thunder thunderstorms small", the last only Cloudflare publicly expressed their own DDoS defense platform from x86 to high pass Centriq.

For Qualcomm, the reality of the financial report is that R & D, manufacturing and human resources are too strong for the data center business and can not "extract the teeth" from the Intel mouth.

As for Anand Chandrasekher himself, information shows that in 2012 he jumped from Intel to high Qualcomm to lead marketing business and was appointed as the president of the data center at the end of 2013.
On twitter, Anand Chandrasekher confirmed the news of the departure, saying that it had done great things in 6 years and left good memories, such as proving that based on ARM, it could create a better energy efficiency product than the Intel platform.

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