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AMD commercial Ryzen PRO firepower

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AMD company AMD launches a full series of Ryzen PRO commercial acceleration processors (APU), and is adopted by commercial OEM plants, DELL, HP, Lenovo, etc., and the three major factories have officially launched the notebook and desktop computers carrying the Ryzen PRO commercial platform. The industry expects AMD to be expected to effectively increase the market share in the commercial computer market. To break the situation in the market dominated by Intel.

AMD is good at the demand for the commercial computer market, in the Ryzen processor product line, especially for the commercial computer, the Ryzen processor and the Radeon Vega drawing core integration into the system single chip Ryzen PRO APU processor, including the 4 core Ryzen PRO Mobile processor platform for the commercial pen. The 4 core Ryzen PRO processor platform built for commercial desktop machines, coupled with AMD GuardMI technology, can provide continuous protection of the chip level throughout the whole process.

AMD said that the new AMD Ryzen PRO processor was carried on DELL Latitude, HP Elite, Lenovo Think and so on. It created the strongest lineup of the PC product combination of the AMD enterprise, and was the first three major OEM factories of DELL, HP and Lenovo to support and synchronize the new model since the establishment of AMD.

AMDRyzen PRO APU for top commercial desktop computer and pen, not only for commercial PC buyers to provide new options and innovation, but also to DELL, HP, Lenovo and other front-line OEM factories to develop a wide range of commercial systems, covering a thin enterprise class notebook, to a powerful commercial desktop computer, set up AMD The processor's most extensive enterprise PC product portfolio record.

AMD shows that the Ryzen PRO processor design meets the fast changing requirements of today's commercial PC users, because the traditional boundaries between work and personal computing have become blurred, and business workload and many multimedia functions will become popular. This time AMD introduces the Ryzen 7 PRO 2700U processor to the high - order commercial pen, bringing the desktop class efficiency for the ultra thin notebook computer, and providing the system efficiency beyond the opponent and up to 16 hours battery endurance to meet all day's productivity requirements.

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