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Shopping process

Sign up and log in 


1) click the "register" link in the upper right corner of the home page. 

2) enter the registration information to fill in the page, fill in your valid email or phone number and complete the registration. Please use your real information so that the system can send an active email or text message, and the account activation will be logged in. 


Choose the type you need to buy 


1).through the recommended model on the home page: the homepage of the mall will have our recommended advantage products, and you can click directly into the product details page for more comprehensive information. 

Model 2). By entering a keyword search: in the mall's head search box type you want to type keywords, click on the "search" button, will automatically match a list of items that accords with a condition, you can directly click the model details to check the goods or commodities will you need to add to cart. 


Add shopping cart 

After searching for the product, the user can learn the gradient price and the number of purchases in the popover, and then add the price and quantity to the shopping cart directly. You can also click on the name of the product to enter the product details page, and then add more information to the shopping cart. 


Confirm the order information 

Please fill in the correct information and distribution in order to deliver the goods to you in time. 

We offer payment by online bank, WeChat, alipay, Paypal, bank transfer, etc. 

3) fill out the invoice information and check the order information. If you have special request, please fill in the comments section. Your own customer service will handle it for you in time. 


Submit an order 

After all of the above, click "submit an order" and then pay based on the payment method you choose. The order number will be displayed when the order is submitted, and we will send you an order confirmation letter by E-mail indicating that we have received your order. 

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