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Return process

After-sales service 

In case the actual amount of goods is not in conformity with the number of models, and the quality of the product needs to be returned to the customer, the application for repurchase may be submitted within two weeks after receipt of the goods. 

2). Return the product, please be sure to keep the complete original packaging (including packaging, filling) and ensure the label of goods in good condition, coordinate with vendor return goods label is one core city only credentials, if lost, will not be able to return. 

3) if you apply for return on product quality issues, the customer needs to provide detailed English performance test report as the basis for negotiation of one core city and supplier. If necessary, a third party English test report will be provided. 

The order for invoice has to be returned after the refund application is approved. 


The after-sales service is not accepted 

There is a shortage of original packing and labeling of the goods. 

2) used/tested products. 

The receiving time is more than two weeks. 

The invoice has been lost. 

5). The wrong order made by the customer's own cause. 


Submit the sales step 

1) the user may be able to search the order number or the product model by searching the order number or the product model for the completed order that needs to be applied after the purchase order. 

The customer will contact you and communicate with you in time. 


After-sales service processing time 

After the customer submitted the application, the customer service personnel will accept and respond to the request within two working days 

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