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CHIPS.CN , Ltd. is a well-known distributor of electronic components. The company was founded in 1998 and headquartered in Shenzhen. For industry partners, the accumulation of more capacity to optimize the industry supply chain, reduce costs and provide the most cost-effective professional services, which is our assiduous goal.

CHIPS.CN , is a number of internationally renowned semiconductor manufacturers in China spot suppliers. The company is committed to the broad range of industrial partners to provide a full range of semiconductor products and technical services, the company professional agent distribution MICROSEMI, HITTITE, IDT, NSC, LATTICE, XILINX, TI, ATMEL, ACTEL, CYPRESS, E2V, WEDC, INTERSIL, AD, AVAGO , IR, ALTERAS and other internationally renowned semiconductor products, business involving CPLD / FPGA in a variety of high and low end and field programmable logic technology, efficient DSP digital signal and ARM processor, PCI bus and USB interface technology, FLASH storage and intelligent power management Technology and other fields, product applications covering power security, network communications, industrial equipment, automotive electronics, consumer electronics and other industries, partners, including domestic trade counterparts, electronic products manufacturers, the majority of research institutes and many multinational companies.

The company has a group of experienced professional sales and technical team, and in order to meet the growing customer demand, the company has been in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other places have set up regional operations center, internal management to enable efficient ERP software platform, and further integrated Three resources. CHIPS.CN, the goal is to become one of the world's best distributors of electronic components.

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