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Intersil Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high performance analog semiconductors. The company's products are aimed at some of the fastest growing segments of the industry: flat panel displays, mobile phones, other handheld systems and laptops. The Intersil product line provides power management and analog signal processing capabilities. Intersil products include IC, hot swappable battery management controller, linear regulator, switching regulator and control IC, DC/DC, driver, optical storage power MOSFET laser diode driver, DSL line driver, video and high performance operational amplifier, data converter, IC interface, analog switches and multiplexers, cross point switch, IP device and voice for military, space and application of anti radiation IC. ?

Main product series

Sensors, discrete semiconductors, radio frequency /IF and RFID, power supplies, cable assemblies, programming devices, development systems, integrated circuits (IC)

Application areas

Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / networks, military / defense

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