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AMETEK, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and motors, with annual sales of nearly $2 billion 100 million. The company has about 10000 employees, with more than 80 factories and more than 80 sales and service centers around the world. The AMETEK includes two working group: AMETEK EIG (electronic instrumentation) - production advanced monitoring, testing, calibration, measurement and display instrument manufacturers, sold around the world first-class processing, aerospace, energy and industrial markets. AMETEK EMG (motor and electrical) - floor cleaning industry is the production of pneumatic motor is the world's largest manufacturer, but also a large number of passenger and commercial aerospace, machinery, medical and computer market leader in production of pneumatic motor brush.

Main product series

Position measurement, relay, industrial brake, network module, power supply module and load module, programmable controller, cable assemblies, connectors, switches, solenoid valve, pressure sensor, electronic probe, spectrometer etc.

Application areas

Consumer electronics, medical electronics, instrumentation, communications / network transportation / automotive security / surveillance, industry / automation, military / defense, energy / surveying, shipping / Aerospace

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